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Exclusive Features for Aether Hosted Customers

When your website is hosted by Aether CS, you get more than just a server to store your files. Here are a few services we offer to every single one of our customers:

FREE SSL Certificates

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You won’t get this with other web hosts. We offer totally free SSL Certificates, which increase your site’sAi??security,Ai??Search Engine Ranking, and keep your visitor’s information private. This is a must for every eCommerce website, and now we’re offering it by default to everyone.

Weekly Backups

It happens to all of us: You’re working hard on your website and everything is going great, then you make one simple change and suddenly it looks like the entire website has crashedAi??and burned. Our weekly file and database backups will get you back up and running quickly when disaster strikes.

Security Scans and Software Upgrades

Along with the free SSL Certificates, we’re constantly running security scans on all files on our servers in order to keep you protected. Malicious software, viruses, hacks, and security loopholes stand no chance against us – and IF they do get through, our weekly backups will give us a quick route back to safety.

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Your Service Grows With You

You never know when your content is going to go viral, but when it does you want to be sure that you don’t run out of resources on your server and come to a screeching halt. We’ll instantly give you a burst of resources to match your burst of traffic, and you won’t be punished for it. It’s 2015; downtime should be a thing of the past.

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  • High Security SSL Certs
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • More Frequent Backups
  • Advanced Security w/ Firewall
  • CDN Available
  • Domain Privacy
  • Additional Features By Request
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