The Ultimate Guide to Habits, Part One

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


Habits. We all have them. They developAi??throughout our lives, starting in our earliest years.

Psychologists used to think that once our brainsAi??develop, our modes of thoughtAi??are static. Recent findings have upturned this old definition.Ai??We have a golden opportunity to change our lives.Ai??Ai??It is called Neuroplasticity, and it can help change your life.

What is Neuroplasticity?

No, itai??i??s not about inert plastic in the brain. Although when you observe some people, you wonder, right?

Humor aside, It is my hope that youai??i??ll take away new ways ofAi??developing habits. And you’ll gain a little understanding of other peopleai??i??s habits, too!

NeuroplasticityAi??is the brain’s ability to restructure itself.Ai??It makes personal growth and learning possible.Neuroplacticity is always ON. Unless you have some sort of brain damage, it never turns off. Your state of mind is never permanent. This includes bad habits, addictions and other patterns of behavior you wish to change.

Youai??i??re never the same person minute to minute, day to day. Keep this in mind while forming new habits.

How does it work?

Thoughts and actions are like a river. Water flows through channels of thought pathways. Even if the water goes away, the channel is still there. Even if you divert the water ai??i?? remember, they are your thoughts and actions ai??i?? the groove still exists.

But, this is not a reason to despair.Ai??Your thoughtsAi??can always carve out new channels and become stronger.Ai??And, with practice, never seep back into old channels.

Why even bother with neuroplasticity and changing habits?

Bad habits. We all have them. Letai??i??s go through a few examples and their detriments.

Road RageAi??ai??i?? Anger tends to cause heart and blood pressure issues. You will burn up more gas, too. And you’ll be more likely to get into an accident.

Smoking ai??i?? Yeah, itai??i??s pretty deadly.

Burning the midnight oilAi??ai??i?? lack of sleepAi??ages us. Structuring your time wisely so you no longer have late nights takes a formation of a new habit.

LazinessAi??ai??i??Ai??contributes to a lot of issues including obesity and missed opportunities.Ai??Do not confuse this with the basic human need of pleasure.

Seeing things only in the short term Ai??ai??i?? Youai??i??reAi??used to putting out small, daily fires. Planning for the future of your business isAi??important.Ai??Developing this daily and weekly habit will help you immensely. And finally: Negative self-talkAi??ai??i?? You do something that you feel is wrong and you beat yourself up over it.

This could very well be the number one reason for personal unhappiness in life and thereai??i??s many philosophers that agree.

What if, instead ofAi??breakingAi??bad habits, you insteadAi??developAi??new habits to replace the old ones? This seems to coincide well with theAi??remarkable phenomena thatai??i??s going on in our brains every moment ofAi??our waking day ofAi??the plasticity inAi??our minds.

With a little self awareness, you can achieve your goals and overcomeAi??your habits, whatever they are.

The takeaways?

Your mind isnai??i??t some concrete thing ai??i?? all habits can changeAi??at any time in your life. Your mind, and thus your life situation, neednai??i??t be rigid and permanent.

You have the power within you to change. ScienceAi??agrees with whatAi??philosophers and illuminated thinkers throughout history have been telling you.

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