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The Ultimate Guide to Habits, Part One

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle Habits. We all have them. They develop throughout our lives, starting in our earliest years. Psychologists used to think that once our brains develop, our modes of thought are...

The Un-Agency

Clients are increasingly frustrated with Creative Agencies, and for good reason. There are many contributing factors to how traditional agencies are failing to deliver a good return on investment for its clients. Many of them haven’t yet adapted to the digital...

Elevating Service

What is service? The Business Dictionary ( defines it as: “A valuable action, deed, or effort performed to satisfy a need or to fulfill a demand.” An Old Paradigm It used to be that “A valuable action” usually meant servicing your customer...

The Case for Caring About Your Work

Less than a decade ago, it seemed to become a trend to create “passive” income and outsource everything and go live on a beach while the money piled up in your bank account. The idea seemed to be that doing less work is good, and automation is the way to go. I too...

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