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The Ultimate Guide to Habits, Part One

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle Habits. We all have them. They developAi??throughout our lives, starting in our earliest years. Psychologists used to think that once our brainsAi??develop, our modes of... read more

The Un-Agency

Clients are increasingly frustrated with Creative Agencies, and for good reason. There are many contributing factors to how traditional agencies are failing to deliver a good return on investment for its clients. Many of them haven’t yet adapted to the digital... read more

Aether represents an element of the cosmos which Tesla identified as a boundless source of energy behind what is seen in the universe. Aether was also seen in antiquity as the upper, creative air which ai???only the gods breathedai??? and therefore were able to utilize to create. Aether is an element of creativity and passion; it is a force which sustains and creates.

We were so inspired by this concept that we chose to name our company after it since it is our passion to be creative. To break the mould. We tailor custom solutions to your company with all the inner workings of your business flow in mind. We are not a one-size-fits-all impersonal solution. We deliver professionally made apps, business management structures, custom web development projects and other solutions for you to use as a vehicle for success.

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Mobile & Web Development

Yes, we do have 10 years of experience building websites and mobile web apps for a wide variety of businesses and industries, but that’s not what makes our team so strong. We get to know your business and team intimately before we deliver a web product that sends your message out to the masses.

Art & Graphics Services

For more than 20 years we have been helping our clients achieve higher quality art pieces, designs, and illustrations for their products, books, and merchandise. We provide Conceptual Illustrations and Art Pieces, Package Design and Branding, Logo and Graphics Development, Website & App Design (reduced price if we also build it!)

Business Management

Every business has unique needs as they work towards success, so your business should probably not be using one-size-fits-all services to manage your projects, employees, tasks, inventory, contacts, or events. We use Podio to build advanced workflows and automation tools to make sure you’re working as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Use the power of advanced AI and Bots to connect with customers where they are, not wait for them to search you out. More than 1 billion people are signed up to use Facebook, and more join each day. With Messenger Bots, you can reach them.

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